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About us

Elena M. Perez was born in Cuba, entered the United States at only 8 years of age with her parents. Her parents believed that education was the strongest component to success.

She received her Bachelor’s Degree from Queens College in New York City with a major in Education and a minor in music. She received her Doctorate Degree in Law from the City University in New York (CUNY) at Queens College.


She came to Florida for a visit and loved it so that she decided to establish herself in this community and serve its people through her legal representation. With that, she registered to take the Bar and became a licensed Attorney in the State of Florida in May of 1991.


She is a member of the Florida Bar and the American Bar Association.  In  addition, she is a member of the Broward County Bar Association and is in the process of  being a legally certified Supreme Court Mediator  for the State of Florida.  


It has taken her numerous years to find the special and qualified staff currently in her office.  They have the necessary expertise and qualifications to become part of a team in the pursuit of providing the best services to you as our client and to ensure that your rights are respected and carried out.